United States District Court Judge Rya Zobel in Chestnut v. Ciavola and The City of Lowell

Partial opinion of United States District Court Judge Rya Zobel in Chestnut v. Ciavola and The City of Lowell. June 25, 2001. Attorney Dan Sharp won the case and requested attorney’s fees under 42 USC Section 1983. The City of Lowell opposed the motion. Here is what Judge Zobel had to say: “Although he has been a member of the Bar for 15 years and has worked in the law all these years, plaintiff’s counsel, Mr. Sharp, has been in practice representing clients for only about ten years. Therefore, [the City] suggests,[Sharp] should bill at a lower rate than reflected in the plaintiff’s papers. I do not agree. First, ten years represents more than adequate experience. Second, during this period counsel focused on civil rights and police misconduct cases and thus developed a special expertise. Third, counsel showed himself to be well prepared on the law and the facts, skillful … Continue reading

Philip v. Cronin

PHILIP v. CRONIN Abraham PHILIP, Plaintiff, Appellant, v. John CRONIN, Defendant, Appellee. No. 06-1860. — August 07, 2008 Before LYNCH, Chief Judge, O’CONNOR,Associate Justice, and TORRUELLA, Circuit Judge.* Daniel S. Sharp with whom Elaine Whitfield Sharp and Whitfield Sharp & Sharp were on brief for appellant.Mary O’Neil, Assistant Attorney General, with whom Martha Coakley, Attorney General, was on brief for appellee. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Massachusetts has had a troubled history.   This lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled former contract medical examiner, Dr. Abraham Philip, against the administrator of that office, John Cronin. Link to full description here.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Louise Woodward



COMMONWEALTH vs. LOUISE WOODWARD(and a companion case). Middlesex. March 9, 1998. – June 16, 1998. Present: Wilkins, C.J., Abrams, Lynch, Greaney, Fried, Marshall, & Ireland, JJ.

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