Practice Areas

We are trial attorneys who represent people. Our practice is dedicated to securing justice for people in state and federal courts. We do not represent big business, the government, or insurance companies.

“Shaken Baby Syndrome”

Elaine Whitfield Sharp has gained a nation-wide reputation for providing the best and most knowledgeable representation for parents and care-providers wrongly accused of child abuse. Working closely with nationally-known experts, she investigated and developed the medical and scientific defense of Louise Woodward in the “Boston Nanny” case. Ms. Woodward, who was facing life in prison, was released after serving 279 days in jail because the trial judge understood and accepted the defense of which Elaine Sharp was the architect for trial.

Police Misconduct

Daniel S. Sharp and Elaine Sharp have successfully represented the victims of police and governmental violence. Their trial court victories include

  1. representing a man who was assaulted by Sheriff’s deputies because he criticized a judge at the county courthouse,
  2. winning a favorable settlement -after seven years of litigation – for a female client who was beaten by police officers, and
  3. proving that a grandmother was “maced” and assaulted by jail attendants after being arrested for nothing more than walking along a road near the scene of a crime.

Brain Injury

We have both represented people who were the victims of brain injuries. Brain injuries can result from many causes; auto accidents, assaults, birth trauma, or falling on a slippery floor. Many lawyers, and even doctors, fail to recognize the classic signs of a brain injury. This often results in the victims of these injuries receiving little or no compensation for this devastating kind of injury. We know the signs and symptoms of a brain injury and are associated with experts in the field who can provide help, assistance, and expert testimony.

“Slip and Fall”

The insurance industry and “bad press” have made juries suspiscious of people who were injured when they slipped and fell on an unsafe stairway or a slippery floor. We recognize that serious injuries can and do occur in these situations. In legitimate “slip and fall” cases, we will not be deterred by insurance lawyers and insurance adjuster bullies.

Recent “slip and fall” cases include a favorable settlement for a woman who fell on a dimly-lit stair inside a restaurant, a settlement for a woman who broke her toe on a poorly designed, marble riser in a hotel room, and a victory for a woman who fell on a shopping cart that was carelessly placed behind her by a supermarket employee.