The House of Innocents

Evil events are rarely committed to paper. The history of child abuse inherently involves pain inflicted in the dark and behind closed doors, providing us with only the barest of facts. We know that royal children were poisoned and murdered for convenience or for their crowns and that the ancient Greeks disposed of handicapped children at birth. We hear words like “beaten,” “burned,” “raped,” and “exploited,” but these do little to reveal the enormous tragedies for which they are mere codes.

Today, there is a vast infrastructure of child protective services (CPS) in America. It is funded by billions of federal and state tax dollars. History has been turned on its head. Instead of children being ‘seen and not heard,’ or having no right of survival at birth, children are now revered as precious, as our modern day mocking birds. The entire ‘village’ is involved in their protection and welfare.

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