Testimonial of Michael J. McCarthy

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Elaine Sharp when I was starting down the long road of defending a young man accused of child abuse based upon the shaken baby syndrome concept. The guidance and aid I received from Elaine was invaluable, and formed an enormous part of the defense which resulted in my client’s acquittal.

Elaine was able to help me line up witnesses to evaluate the case and present an opinion at trial. She saved me time and my client money by being able to evaluate the case accurately and then to go directly to the witnesses who would best serve my client.

Elaine authored a Rule 702 (Frye-Daubert) motion, which was presented in our local district court. The brief was very well written from both the viewpoint of style and content. As an aside, Elaine’s prior experience as a journalist has resulted in an ability to write clearly and to express difficult medical concepts in a way that they are easily understood.

Elaine was further able to help guide me down the path toward victory by giving me invaluable advice on tactical and legal issues.

I cannot express forcefully enough the essential role that she played in helping me defend my client. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone personally about my high regard for Elaine’s abilities, and I would recommend her unreservedly to any person needing help in this specialized area of law.

Michael J. McCarthy
Attorney at Law, Hotchkiss, CO.