Testimonial of Lise J. Gescheidt

I had the bad fortune one morning to get a telephone call from a dear friend who’s brother had been arrested for attempted murder for allegedly shaking is four month old son, who was critically ill. I did not know where to turn.

Fortunately, the Louise Woodward case was still in the news, and a friend referred me to Elaine Whitfield Sharp who had particular expertise in the area of head injuries. Elaine was most generous with her time. I drove to Marblehead several times to consult with her on the science, and”how to cross-examine a state’s expert.

She shared most generously with her work product, her time, her collection of professional literature, and transcripts. She is a virtual “how to” guide in learning to defend these serious cases with clients who are at the most vulnerable.

Elaine entered her appearance as co-counsel, and we prepared this case as if it were to be a trial. Luckily it wasn’t, and my client was able to get an excellent disposition.

I would have been lost without Elaine’s technical expertise, consultation of legal issues under the Rhode Island version of Daubert, and her emotional support.

Lise J. Gescheidt
Attorney at Law
Providence, RI