Testimonial of Jon Katz

Elaine selflessly and caringly advised and brainstormed with me for my first time defending against a shaken baby accusation. She knows that too many doctors jump all too quickly to erroneous conclusions of shaken baby syndrome, and that they too often conclude that any unconsciousness immediately follows the injury .
Elaine knows how to fight the dual beast of wrongheaded medical and prosecutorial accusations of shaken baby syndrome, by thoroughly going through the medical and factual evidence that the prosecutors and their hired doctors too often miss. With Elaine’s advice, I convinced my client’s judge to slash his bond dramatically, so that he spent less than a week in jail pretrial.
In setting the lower bond, the judge remarked that he had taken into account the case I had made about the medical evidence supporting the reasonable doubt existing in my client’s case. Thanks, Elaine, for quickly and skillfully helping me obtain and focus on the strongest medical information and sources to back up my arguments for this bond reduction. Thank you, also, for your optimism that these cases can be won and are repeatedly won.

Jon Katz (admitted in Maryland, DC, and Virginia)
Silver Spring, Maryland