Statement of Barry Scheck, Andrew Good, and Harvey Silverglate

link to PDF fileTen years ago, the three of us, attorneys Harvey Silverglate, Andrew Good and Barry Scheck defended Louise Woodward from criminal prosecution in the case of Commonwealth v. Woodward. We were aided in this matter by co-counsel Elaine Whitfield Sharp who played an important role in the discovery of scientific evidence which established the case for Louise Woodward’s innocence. During the trial, Ms. Sharp appeared to be completely committed to Louise’s defense in all the appropriate ways. Louise Woodward was a British national, and Ms. Sharp’s British background made her uniquely qualified to provide us with useful infonnation about cultural differences between
British and American people. Ms. Sharp and her husband Daniel Sharp were also very generous in housing members of the Woodward family in their home.

On June 1, 1998, the three of us issued a memorandum announcing the dismissal of Elaine Whitfield Sharp from the Woodward case. We now clarify this statement as follows: At the time of this memorandum, Ms. Sharp had previously expressed her decision to resign to us, but, at our request, had not filed a motion with the Supreme Judicial Court requesting permission to withdraw from the case.